Friday, June 24, 2011

Pieces for Week 25: of myths and legends...and rebirth

I love old things. Old falling apart buildings, rusty junk, legends, myths and treasure chests.
This week's pieces reflect my love of old...AND have a sense of opening up, tearing away, new growth spiraling out...little seeds tucked away. Because, that's where I'm at in my life.

I just had fun. I either had A Perfect Circle or goth belly dance tunes blaring. I was HOT in the studio this week! (and you can take that in any direction!!!!)

I remembered to take a "before" pic this time! Here are the pieces. All hand fabricated, silver on copper, twisted, bent and fused. 

And then...I hand-painted each of them!

 "Bacchus", or "The Scream"....actually looks more like "Oh!"

"Old Tapes"



"Torn by the Stag King" update: SOLD

"Torn by the Stag King" has already received many ooohs and aaaaahs even before it was completed.
Yes...there will be lots more in this style. I snuck in the studio and made two more this morning (sneeking because I don't usually work in the studio the day before a show...)

I still need to make leather cords for these pieces to hang off of (I am preferring leather over silver chains), but they should be good and ready to be sold this weekend up at Lake Tahoe!